Mamiya 645 ZD TROUBLE, HELP!!!

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Re: Reset?

AlteredLight wrote:

benoit wrote:

Do you own a low pass filter for your back. Any moire issue so far?

No Low Pass filter on mine. No moire issues for me. I think Frank had
something to say about filters in his review. He really did some testing
in studio and outside in the Netherlands. I have done some pixel
peeping because I was intrigued with the detail. I could cut out some
great 5x7 prints with just a portion of an exported tiff. I will not
beyond $10K for any digital back, so the ZD took good care of our
budget. We already had the 645afd lens collection, so the back
was a great deal for me.

I used to shoot with Leaf but I've been on my own since and I'm getting only now to the point I can justify a DB. I'm fine with the sensor so called "limitations and 22mp is fine as well, but if I go with the ZD I really have a concern with moire since I shoot a lot of fabrics with furniture. I'm looking for a single workflow and not have to remove or install such filter in between two sofas if I shoot 15 one day. I've got my own way to reduce moire that's pretty effective but time consuming. Leaf has a tool to reduce moire (a little destructive but works), but Mamiya has taken a different approach that turns out being a concern for my workflow .

Thanks for your help

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