Mamiya 645 ZD TROUBLE, HELP!!!

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Re: Reset?

Do you own a low pass filter for your back. Any moire issue so far?

AlteredLight wrote:
We format ours all the time rather than delete. Same as any dslr.
I have no solution other than reset to defaults and see if the
software fixes any glitch. Are you using Sandisk? You really
need a fast card with the 37MB raw files. Use only a CF and
leave any SD card out of the other slot. Default settings should
then find and format the Sandisk.

Did you change any other settings? That really should not
interfere with the formatting? It took some some time to get
used to the menu with the different colors, but then it was
easy to get to the areas I needed.

Just to make sure, reload the back to the camera and take
a look that the contacts all seem clean? I wouldn't panic,
you may kick it into gear. Our camera is the old 645afd and
not the new II model. It works fine although I wonder if the
newer communications make things faster? I will upgrade
sooner or later. You will love this camera and back when you
see the files. I'm still loving the detail.

good luck, and get a fast Sandisk for sure.

alex wrote:

I have a 645 with a ZD, bought as a kit at Calumet. The problem I
have is that
my camera won't format the media card and when I take a picture, the
camera starts writing it to the card but doesn't make it. Can anyone
suggest what might be causing this. The camera is brand new, out of
the box.

Thanks in advance!

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