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Re: I'm glad your so smart...too!

Hello Jack and Gene

Name calling is never a good thing, and never leads to a healthy debate but some of the supporters of Microsoft have brought this on themselves. There are certain questions which you simply ignore.

1. Microsoft was CONVICTED in 1994 of conspiring to force OEM’s to distribute ONLY Microsoft products. They were CONVICTED of selling development kits that were fradulently intended to destroy other operating systems. The government at that time came to a settlement with Microsoft. The trial judge refused to accept the settlement. On appeal, by both the government and Microsoft the settlement was accepted. The appeal court NEVER DISPUTED THE FACTS OF THE CASE!

You simply ignore this. Does this not make your pretense of healthy debate a charade?

2. Microsoft was CONVICTED again. This time of conspiring to kill Netscape and CONVICTED of violating the 1995 settlement. Once again the facts of the case are not in dispute. Microsoft LOST their appeal on the facts. Only the question of penalty is in dispute.

Once again this is simply ignored. Now certain questions that we are discussing are hard to prove one way or another, especially to people as sceptical as yourselves. In and of itself this is not a criticism. But the plain fact is that since you cannot dispute numbers 1 and 2 you have chosen to speak in cliches and act as if you are being unfairly victimized and attacked.

Simply on the merits of your style you are simply wrong! It must be fun to turn this into a question of whether the PC or the Mac is a better platform. But Bill Gates is a convicted criminal. He was convicted of hurting the consumer. Both trial judges were so out raged that they wanted to break up Microsoft. Perhaps you are happy and content with being victimised. After all you're both sophisticated, you can devise work arounds if you so choose. You don't care about the companies that were killed or the billions of collective hours that people lost, or the technological advances that were stiffled.


Jack G Heckler wrote:

Gene Miller wrote:

I'm glad your so smart, but I'm not interested in hacking, BTW, I
don't think that makes me ingnorant but I do think it makes you
arrogant. You think most of us here are interested in all that
stuff. I don't think so. But since you are so smart it amazes me
how well you learned to insult people. I guess the first think you
have to give up to be so computer smart is to give up good manners.
A few years ago I was going to play with Linux and changed my mind
because it doesn't interest me. And now realizing the type of
people who find interest in that, well I know it is not for me.
I'll play with my digicam and PSE and enjoy my life. I take you
insult as your stupidity in communication. Maybe you can re-program
your Linux to prevent you from having a pat-me-on-the-back attack.

Good one Gene! I was going to write a similar reply to Ugene, but
you said at all...EXCEPT, HEY Ugene, who gives a sh*t??? If Macs
are so great, why do they "control" a whole 5-10% of the market?
Answer that one smart boy!


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