K20D HDR - the real difference (img)

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Re: K20D HDR - the real difference (img)

tomascx wrote:

http://www.photorevue.cz has a sample of normal and HDR sensitivity setting
of the K20D (shot taken in Dubai - high contrast scene). I'll try to
link it below the paragraph. As I wrote elsewhere, for me this is Da
Bomb. Can you see the details in the dark areas and real (not washed
out) colour of the sky?
In the comments below the article the author mentions that the
dynamic range seems to be almost 8EV (from what he could try in
According to the article, it's accomplished by different sensor
sensitivity in dark/bright areas of the image.

Comparation - normal setting left, HDR right:

If this is true, it would be outstanding. Taking pictures in less than ideal circumstances, but still getting good output. It would be a great help.

Bigger dynamic range will be a help in RAW shooting as well, you can easily take a shot where the highlights are to badly blown to be recovered in PP, also from RAW shots.

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“The Pentax K20D, Canon EOS 1D Mark III, and Nikon D3 lead the pack in DSLRs for serious HDR photographers.” Jack Howard, administrator at Popphoto.com's forums and online technical editor

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