Color calibration for your camera. How important is it?

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Color calibration for your camera. How important is it?

I just starting reading "skin the complete guide to digital lighting, photography and retouching faces and bodies" By Lee Varis. And in the first chapter he talks about calibrating the color for you camera and monitor (I use Huey Pro).

When I take pictures I take them all in RAW and I always change the "black point" and and some viberance (which may be just a matter of personal preference) and some sharpening. Now the amount of each adjustment depends of the subject but I try to keep everthing to a mnimum and consistant across similar photos. I apply my own presets (DXO 5 - most of the time I adjust one photo then copy and paste to the others) then give the photos a once over and make minor adjustment to individual photos if needed or if I just want a particular photo to have a different look.

Needless to say I am no pro and the colors look good to my un-trained eye, I just like to add a bit more "pop"ever now and then. My question is how many of you have actually "calibrated" your post process software for your camera under various lighting conditions? I am just curious. I would imagine for those of you who shoot for agencies require your colors to be as accurate as possible. I have seen some great photo (IMHO) here every now and again are those colors calibrated via monitor and camera?

I would also imagine the "color accuracy" varies from camera to camera but are they really off by any real appreciable amount? I have not read or come accross any threads here (or any where else) where someone has stated that the colors from there camera was off.

I am thinking about giving it a try at the very least it would help me to get to know my equipement even better, which is always a plus. Any thoughts?
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