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Exactly what I used to say about handling.

I'm also using at least 3 different non-Canon battery, and have no problems with it, only with an older one which is still working fine, but I'm unable to charge it in the CB-5L.

In my good old G3 (in camera charging) it's charging fine, and still keeps the charge after several years. (it's also Made in China, but japanaese cell, 1200mAh)

Other than that just want to mention that the original Canon battery in my G3 died earlier (after 2-3 years) then the cheap one I bought and used together with it!

So I admit that there are junk ones too, but usually they're just as fine as the original. (And I too think some came from the same factory...)


EricDP wrote:

Lenny L wrote:

2. Leave battery in camera, disable auto off, leave LCD on to drain
the battery (personally I don't recommend this)

NEVER fully drain a lithium ion battery. All Li-Ion batteries contain
a safety circuit that manages the charging, preventing over-charge
and fire/explosion. The circuit is electronic and it uses a very
small amount of power to function. If the battery is drained too low,
the safety circuit will shut down, permanently disabling the ability
to re-charge the battery.

Most Li-Ion batteries will cut power to external sources at a certain
minimum level to retain enough power for the internal circuit.
However, once the minimum level is hit, there is only a short period
of time before there is no longer enough charge to power the safety
circuit. If you think a Li-Ion is dead, give it a small amount of
charge to keep that circuit alive and always give them a small top-up
before storing. It's best to store a Li-Ion at about 40% charge.

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