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still think it's not necessary, nor very useful as implemented now

As I wrote above in another post, serious photography is about composition, precise focusing, control of exposure, all of which, except for tripod shooting, are done much better, at least today, with a good optical viewfinder. Try doing any of that in a real handheld shooting situation where fast adjustment is crucial.

BTW, the new Sonys have viewfinders which are similar to the 350/400D, small by today's standards, and use mirrors and not prisms (the D80 has a prism). If a newcomer gets a D80 and a A350 at the store and take a look thru the VF he/she'll see the difference.

Of course, they may still like the Sony's LV system, but once you start doing real shooting, handheld, beyond the Auto everything setting, the difference will be clear. Anyway, by the end of the year all cameras by all makers will have it (LV)

That said, I think electronic VF will be here soon, and Sony may well be the one to introduce it, or Samsung, since they are not tied to the reflex tradition as Nikon and Canon. Buth these are very up to date and will respond quickly. Anyway, Sony seems ready to play a bigger role in this market.

kodakuser wrote:

This is a thread that I started on this forum only about a year
ago.....amazing how sure so many here were that LV was a pointless
gimmik that "proper" photogs cameras would never need
Sony A100 examples here:
Kodak P880 shots here

My blog at...

'Take nothing but photographs....leave nothing but footprints'

Vaughan....KodakP880/Sony Alpha100

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Regards, RHLPedrosa

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