Just for New Users.. A700 High ISO NR Why Adobe Tests are not valid.

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Just for New Users.. A700 High ISO NR Why Adobe Tests are not valid.

Because or PMA and some recent posts the topic of Sony's NR at high ISO has come up again.. lots of talk from non users vs some of us that have done a lot of work understanding our camera..

There been a lot of assumption that the Sony changes the raw from the sensor to reduce noise. Based on my talks with Mark, though he used a lot of guarded marketing language, what I now am pretty sure of is the A700 Sensor has firmware adjustable NR and Bionze is for image processing only.. not RAW file adjustment.

But most of the problems being blamed on the Sony are the result of Abobe being what people assume to be the standard. And oddly enough some reviewers will whine about Sony doing too much default NR while using a peice of sofware that clearly with all settings at ZERO is not just warming the RAW but cooking it hard. Blind spots are blind spots..

When you move away from the Adobe and use a RAW converter that prides itself in not pre smoothing the RAW the noise pattern of the A700 is much more like other DLSR high ISO noise patterns. So now the idea that the RAW is RAW as the sensor delivers it is very realisitic. But you have to be williing to get out of Lemming Adobe is best the standard mindset.

Below is the proof. Both are from the SAME A700 RAW file ISO 3200. With defau;t settings, and sharpening, and NR settings set to ZERO. Adobe applies way more NR without user option to change than Sony ever has. Still I see little outrage from some posters nor from Phil on this.

Before you look at these. These shots are made to SHOW noise patterns. These are not how good the camera takes images. This is to show how much detail and noise at high ISO Sony still leaves to user choice if the user is smart enough to choose a good RAW tool.

This is Adobe.. and what Phil and others think is OK to use for testing cameras.

This is bibble which leaves the choices on noise to the user.

And for those who for artistic reasons like grain this is an image processed to remove color noise leave the REAL Sony Luminance grain pattern in.. It has been sharpened and had only color NR applied.. all grain you see is from the A700 none added by software. This is Bibble...

Nothing Sony does in the sensor cooks the RAW, Adobe burns the RAW when it comes to A700 high ISO.. shame on Adobe.

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