How do DP1 Manual Controls Work?

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Very easy

I grab this from Sigma pdf brochure the back of dp-1

and do you see the large circle with 4 directional arrows button? use the right to move aperture up ie...5.6, 6.3,7.1 ect...and to go down in number use the left arrow knob 8, 7.1...4
it is easy as a pie.

bbrodeur wrote:

Yes - I see the dial for the manual focus. But that isn't my
question. My question is if you are in aperture priority mode, how
do you manipulate the aperture? Or if you are in shutter priority
mode, how do you manipulate the shutter speed? Are there easy
controls like in the Ricoh GRD, or is it buried in nested menus?
Thanks, Brian.
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