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Re: Nec 2690 Question & Help

I hooked one of these monitors up to my old Dell with just an analog hook-up, and had no trouble getting 1920x1200, which is native res of the monitor and the resolution that you should use.

I wanted to use DVI however, so I bought a ASUS N6200 128MB board from New Egg, and it worked just fine. Don't recall the price, but it was not very expensive.

I was calibrating this wilh a Monaco OptixXR, and it was fantastic.

But now I have a brand new Dell and have added NEC Spectraview Calibration and it is even better.

This is a wonderful monitor. It has the same look no matter where you stand. My wifes brand new Dell 20 inch monitor must be viewed straight on to get the correct colors and contrast. Plus it displaye nearly the entire aRGB gamut.

There is really only two problems with the monitor. It is expensive, and it is a wide gamut model, and if you run it in wide gamut mode, it may not display sRGB the same as others see it.

I don't consider this a bad feature, why dumb down to the internet?

The image when calibrated is far better than my old Trinitron 21 CRT.


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