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Re: You couldn't have said it better.

Oh, of course, the fact that Microsoft is trying to kill Java, LDAP, and OpenGL is not disconcerting? The court testimonies are not real enough to you?

The stock market is not driven by consumers only. It is just as much controlled by godzilla sized corporations nudging you in one direction or brushing others out of the way. That's how Cisco worked...when it saw a threat from a rising IT company, it usually bought that company. Cisco swallowed hundres of companies from 1998-2000.

The bottom line is Ma Bell wasn't good for us. Std Oil wasn't good for us. The bottom line is that MS continues to get away with stealing ideas instead of innovating.

To Microsoft, "Fix it" means editing your photos in Microsoft Paint. Have fun reducing red-eye and saving images in a non-lossy format with it. Have fun rotating portrait shots and aplying grayscale effects when you should be using a true Black and White filter. To Microsoft, browsing your photo albums and sharing photos mean using the cliche web browser interface.

Microsoft is not infallible. They'f left their guard down with the dismale overseas XBox sales for example. They are prone to mistakes, and I hope competitors can benefit from them.

Wouldn't it suck if we all drove Dodges and nobody else made cars? How would we know we're seeing innovation and technology driven advancement instead of scheduled releases and planned obsolescence? No thanks. I already paid for that. I bought Windows 2000 only to have XP replace it 10 months later.

Bob Williams wrote:

So buy another MAC. Those who like Linux, buy Linux. The
restof us do not share your paranoid delusions. We are quite
happy with our hardware, and our software. You are not
changing any minds. All you are doing is showing the foam
drooling from your mouth. Bottom line. We don't care if you
do not like Windows. Vote your beliefs with your wallet, and let
the Stock Market keep score.

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