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Re: I'm glad your so smart...too!

You should give a sh*t. What happens to Apple will control the fate of every PC user on the face of the planet. If Apple falls by the wayside, MS will be broken up into Baby Bills, and Windows development will suffer. If Apple dies, then the precipice that is the gap between Microsoft and the top competition becomes even deeper. Without Apple to push open equivalents like OpenGL, Java, and LDAP vs Direct3D, .NET, Active Directory, who will? The Linux community? The FreeBSD community? The long dead BeOS community?

Apple fell to 5% US marketshare because it stuck to a principle. It didn't want the PC to become an overly complex, ominous convolution of imitation and generic machines. Aple fell to 5% marketshare because Microsoft has always been a darling in the courtroom, such as when the case of Windows copying Mac OS was thrown out. That was the turning point. I, for one, do not think Apple was mistaken to stay a closed platform. Apple's integration and industrial design is a strong point. Unlike Microsoft, I don't think Apple wants it least it doesn't demand it. Apple could fill its niche quite happily with 10-15% marketshare, providing other alternative platforms also chip away at the Microsoft gestalt.

In the end, this is greater than Mac vs Windows. This is technology vs Windows.

Break your dependency.

Jack G Heckler wrote:

Good one Gene! I was going to write a similar reply to Ugene, but
you said at all...EXCEPT, HEY Ugene, who gives a sh*t??? If Macs
are so great, why do they "control" a whole 5-10% of the market?
Answer that one smart boy!


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