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Re: I'm glad your so smart.

Don't look at me; you're the one who brought up alternative OSes to look smart. I just corrected you. If you don't want to learn, so be it. You can continue to make ignorant comments about how iMACs [sic] don't run other OSes and how Microsoft has not manipulated the market in a way that suffocates the development of truly innovative portions of software such as BeOS and QNX and Mac OS to an extent.

My point:

You shouldn't play with Linux, because Linux development is not at all what it could have been. You have to take baby steps in your breakaway from the mothership. Those baby steps are through Apple unfortunately, since they are currently the only viable competition left in MS's wake. You can continue to contribute to a company that proactively stifles competition, or you can contribute to the competition and incubate the development of a third party...and a fourth...then a fifth. Without Apple other innovators don't have a chance, and we'll be stuck with a broken up Microsoft and everyone will be in worse shape than before.

Gene Miller wrote:
I'm glad your so smart, but I'm not interested in hacking, BTW, I
don't think that makes me ingnorant but I do think it makes you
arrogant. You think most of us here are interested in all that
stuff. I don't think so. But since you are so smart it amazes me
how well you learned to insult people. I guess the first think you
have to give up to be so computer smart is to give up good manners.
A few years ago I was going to play with Linux and changed my mind
because it doesn't interest me. And now realizing the type of
people who find interest in that, well I know it is not for me.
I'll play with my digicam and PSE and enjoy my life. I take you
insult as your stupidity in communication. Maybe you can re-program
your Linux to prevent you from having a pat-me-on-the-back attack.

Eugene Chan wrote:
So blissful...

I have news for you. Not only do all major distributions of Linux
run on iMacs, they run better, per se, than on Windows. It's much
easier to configure your iMac with Linux than it is to configure
your OEM Dell or Gateway or do-it-your-selfer. Not only can you
install Linux, but you can also install OpenBSD and NetBSD. A
FreeBSD PPC port is in the works too. And of course you can run
older revs of BeOS if you're the type.

So which alternative OSes were you thinking of running seriously?
QNX? Plan 9? Gnu Hurd? Solaris x86? (EOL) Don't make me laugh. I
suggest you read up on Mac vs PC history. You may end up erasing
most of your false preconceptions of the Mac platform.

You may also find out why these alternative OSes are in various
stages of decomposition or stagnation.

And unlike Windows, Mac OS X is a UNIX, it is 99% POSIX compliant.
It will compile source code from right off the bat.

Gene Miller wrote:

I enjoy the idea that we only have one main operating system for
PC's and one main operating system for iMAC. At least on PC's you
can have multiple operating systems that we can install on a PC. If
you feel there are better operating systems, you are free to
install them. If you do not want to buy a computer with a
pre-installed operating system, you can build your own system or
have it built.

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