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Re: I disagree

JoePhoto wrote:

I vehemently disagree. The "consumer" should NOT have to be
"educated" to use a computer. It should be as easy to use as a TV,
Radio, or Typewriter. Proper design COULD easily make it so.

If you made a machine that every idiot could use it, the only idiots
would want to use such machine. (C) Don't know whose.

True, and this is not the fault of Microsoft that the consumer is
not educated enough to select a competing product. That is the
consumer's problem.

Now notice ... we are no longer talking "possibilities" here ... that
argument was valid back when IE was "first" bundled/integrated by MS.
At that time Netscape had over 90% of the market. Computer literate
idiots, (like you), SNIP

I don't think personal attacks or insults are warranted in this
discussion. Computer literate, yes - idiot, no. Again, it is no
fault of Microsoft's that consumers did not take the initiative to
investigate alternative software packages that would run on their
computers, and install or use the same. In fact, nothing kept
anyone from ordering a computer with Netscape preinstalled.
Serveral vendors DID offer that choice.

I apologize for using the "i" word. I did not meant it in the
context it may have seemed. I know hundreds of "computer-type"
people ... and it seems that ALL of them seem to think that the
"public" is similar to them. THEY ARN'T ... the "public" are
COMPUTER IDIOTS --- and WE are IDIOTS when we don't keep that in
mind. Is that their fault ... maybe yes .. and maybe no but it is
a FACT; and we need in factor than in when we consider human nature
and how they will react to new technology.

Some very VOCAL ones will embrace it .. but 80%-90% WON'T.

Home computers have existed since the late 70's, (Atari, Commodore,
etc). That is now over 20 years ... and we only recently reached
the 50% level in homes and MANY of those ARE NOT BEING USED because
they are FRUSTRATED.

But you are also wrong from a couple of additional reasons; even if
you installed Netscape ... there were several operations that would
kick you OUT of Netscape and BACK INTO IE anyway.

This was WELL DOCUMENTED as a PROBLEM at the time by various

This sounds like a software bug. I have never experienced any
problem as you describe above. What you describe could very well
be due to file type associations in the registry, which would be a
failure on Netscape's part to overwrite certain registry values.
Or perhaps it is due to Netscape's inferiority to IE, and that it
was unable to handle opening a particular file type.

You are also WRONG from another standpoint ... with reference to
the REAL PLAYER ... with WinME and MS inclusion of their own MEDIA
PLAYER --- MS rigged WinME to NOT LOAD Real Player. It was ONLY
because of the currently ongoing Netscape lawsuit that they were
able to present their case as a side-issue and MS aggred to allow
Real Player to load.

I cannot speak of WinME, as I've never operated that OS, nor do I
wish to, given the myriad problems I've read about all over the
Internet. I do not wish to take such a risk. The fact that
RealPlayer would not work with WinME is more likely because WinME
was such poorly written software, and full of bugs - not because MS
designed it to crash RealPlayer.

The fact that it was WinME was irrelevant. The point is that it
was the NEW RELEASE of a new MS software that included a feature
that COMPETED with ANOTHER COMPANY that MS wanted to CRUSH.

And if you want to make an argument that the problem was because
WinME is "full-of-bugs" ... ALSO MAKES MY POINT. If MS is
supposedly so "good" WHY and HOW CAN they release a software that
is "Full-Of-BUGS" ???

Usually products are released immediately after the moment then the number of known bugs becomes less than a predefined error level.
Otherwise they will be never released.

I have made frequent arguments they are technology INEPT and NEVER
INNOVATED ANYTHING. (only Copied, Bought, or STOLE).

But who cares about it? Mostly big companies never unnovates anything
until the next crisis. They just don't need it. You know, the aim of
an every business are money, not the user's satisfaction.

This was almost identical to what MS did to DR-DOS back when MS
deliberately rigged Win3.1 to NOT LOAD on top of DR-DOS. DR-DOS
claims their sales were 28 MILLION copies the year before Win3.1
introduction ... and then sales DROPPED to 1.5 Million the next

Microsoft is not the main evil. In fact they do not do anything
contrary to law, at least they was never caught.

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Thanks for reading .... JoePhoto

( Do You Ever STOP to THINK --- and FORGET to START Again ??? )

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