Switching Over from Canon To Nikon Please Help

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Re: In real life work

TTL BL is the option to use the flash in a balanced light setup where you use the flash as a fill light rather than the main light. When you set your Canon to Av it does this, but you don't get a choice. Also, Canon tends to underexpose more.

Another very useful mode is AA, which is like TTL, but it uses the Thyristor of the flash instead of measuring through-the-lens. This means you can use the flash to illuminate the background and still set it to Auto (the camera wirelessly sends Aperture, ISO and zoom information, so AA is fully automatic.

Another cool point: the SB-800 as master allows 4 separate groups instead of 3 on the 580exii. The SU-800 wireless commander is better as well (I had the ST-E2). The ST-E2 only lets you control 2 groups, whereas the SU-800 lets you control 3 groups. I also like the LCD display on the SU-800 which gives you more info. You can buy two SB-R200 remote macro flash units and the SU-800 will do macro photography.

Final cool details: Nikon includes a flash dome, flash gels and a small extra battery compartment for a 5th battery which allows faster recycling and longer life without any extra charge.

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