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JoePhoto wrote:

Jack G Heckler wrote:

Well .. Jack if DC is wrong ... and you think you know more than
him ... WHY don't YOU tell us ONE PRODUCT or IDEA from MS that was
not copied, bought, or stolen from another company.

And tell us ONE PRODUCT that MS has been "successful" with that was
not "leverage" to their Windows/Office monopoly ???

What the h*ll does any of your arguments have to do with the fact
that MS products (however they were developed) DOMINATE

YES ... MS "Windows/Office" products do "DOMINATE" ... because MS
will not allow a computer to be sold without them. (YES; there was
a time with all "corporate" buyers HAD to buy Office -- albeit that
is not true any more now that MS does not have to).


computer market and that MOST people are very satisfied with them??

They have WINDOWS cause they were FORCED to buy it when they bought
their computers. They are "satisfied" because they simply don't
know of any better options. When 99% of all PC's already have
Windows installed; and 99% of computer users are too computer
illerate to know anything else. Any other OS (like LINUX which is
100% the equal of Windows) simply does not have a chance.

99% of users are computer illiterate?? That is complete bull and you know it!

In that regard ... the old Beta/VHS argument is valid. BETA was a
much BETTER format ... but because there was simply so "few" of
them ... no one made BETA tapes. (Now the "reason" there was fewer
Beta recorders is not analagous; but the fact there was fewer is.)

Are people REALLY SATISFIED ??? ... I think NOT; look around you
at NORMAL people ... (not computer geeks or anyone in this site);
but you will see REAL FRUSTRATION with computers. I submit that
FRUSTRATION is NOT "satisfaction". But 99% of the people don't
know of ANY OPTIONS.

There's that 99% again...I think NOT! If frustration was that huge, the marketplace would be demanding something better. Please define "normal" people? I love statements that are vague and therefore cannot be argued...or defended.

That's the bottomline my friend. And why do you MS bashers
continue to call MS a monopoly? Better brush up on your Economics
101...they are NOT the only player in their markets, just the best!!

That ARGUMENT is OVER .... the COURT has decided that MS HAS

There's that word monopoly again...what is LINUX, UNIX, OS/2, etc., vaporware? Well, on second thought, maybe they are!!

(And that decision has been VERIFIED by the APPEALS court ... the
only remaining decision is the PUNISHMENT.)

I work for a multi-billion dollar corporation that made the PC and
MS operating systems the corporate standard many years ago. Why is
that? Because they WORK, are economical compared to other systems,
have MANY software programs available, and can be easily supported!!

There are MORE CORPORATE USERS OF UNIX/LINUX and OS/2 than there is
WindowsNT !!!

I was refering to desktop/laptop computers not corporate mainframes.


They use it because it is more STABLE .... There are UNIX boxes
out there that have been running for 10 years or more without EVER
NEEDING TO BE RESET. Windows is lucky to run for 3 hours without
it using up its resources and slowing down.

Ever heard of "looking a gift horse in the mouth"??

When it comes to MS .... we are all looking at the OTHER END ...
but the GULLIBLE PUBLIC does not know it !!!

Good one...what a straight man I am!

Enjoy the ride!!


P.S. Oh yea, you might also consider buying MS stock...I have made
tens of thousands in it over the years!:-)


Al Capone made a LOT of MONEY also.

I resemble that statement! And laugh all the way to the bank!

Grandpa Jack

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