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I agree with you

Larry it seems like some of posters are proud of their knowledge on these other systems, and I think that's great. But the next post said MS didn't start IE. Well not from scratch. They bought out a company with a good start and developed IE from that into a good product. That is done all the time in business. What's the big deal? Why are these people trying to shove their opiniions down our throats? They have aleady called me ignorant. I can do that myself. I don't need them doing it. Why are they so hostile? I'm glad there are only a few rude people here. The rest of us can either agree or disagree and still maintain respect for the others opinion. I guess each their own. This is just to let you know you are not alone. Take care.

Larry Young wrote:

Right now I feel like I'm alone with this but Netscape is a great
example. It was a good program at one time. Microsoft created
there product to compete. We can argue till the cows come home
whether MSFT kicked them in the butt. My point is Netscape sat on
their butt and let MSFT take it away. As a user and developer
Netscape today is terrible. Whatever you say about what happened
before, AOL has the resources to fix Netscape. That is what they
are say they are doing now. My point again is they had plenty of
time to compete with IE.

I'll give you some on real networks but I believe the reason why
the program had problems were the fault of both companies.

Okay here is one. MSFT has been accused of hurting mom and apple
pie, in the name of Kodak. With the bad publicity they made some
corrections. Of course it is interesting to note that Kodak has
been in the antitrust soup more often than any other company.

I'll also give a little on the OEM contracts except check out the
contracts of all the other software vendors and the best you can
say is Microsoft is just trying to keep up with the garbage out

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