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Re: You couldn't have said it better.

So buy another MAC. Those who like Linux, buy Linux. The
restof us do not share your paranoid delusions. We are quite
happy with our hardware, and our software. You are not
changing any minds. All you are doing is showing the foam
drooling from your mouth. Bottom line. We don't care if you
do not like Windows. Vote your beliefs with your wallet, and let
the Stock Market keep score.

Eugene Chan wrote:

Support hundreds of video cards? You do know that only a handful
of drivers truly exist for the current generation cards?
Currently, the GeForce architecture is an evolution of the Riva TNT
era chipset. It can even use the TNT's drivers to some
extent...some more advanced features will be disabled. Every card
up through the GeForcre4 Ti is branched from the Riva TNT. And it
doesn't matter whether you have a Leadtek, Visiontek, Gainward,
Asus, PNY, Hercules or whatever branded card, they are all based on
the same reference design and they alll work best with the standard
nVidia reference drivers.

It's the same with ATI, The Radeon is an evolution on the Rage 128.
Only a handful of drivers.

ATI and nVidia are the only two major players left inthe consumer
space, were MS targets people with 'photography' websites like
above. The only other players that might even be able to enter
this market are Matrox and 3DLabs (part of Creative.) I doubt it.
They seem failry focused on workstation graphics.

It's seems the Mac users here are the bigger
techno-dweebs. You'd generally think it'd be the other way
around...but I think with 90% marketshare, you'll find a lot more
ignorant people out there waving the Microsoft banner. It's
probably OS X being out the UNIX geek in all of us.

I have pretty much all the software and hardware support I need
with Mac OS X and Apple hardware. There are a few lose ends, but I
would probably never willingly go back to Windows.

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