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Re: You couldn't have said it better.

Airnee wrote:

Hi, some good points, and I will not agrue about the Atari since I
have not used one of those since the 80's when I was a child, but I
have had many problems with my computer, and many of them got
solved by updating the drivers from other companies, and some were
windows problems. But I would hardly say that windows is the cause
of all the crashes, actually most crashes that I have experienced
personally are the fault of an older bios version, or a driver,
sure my cdrom drive did not work for a while with XP and I am
definitively not saying that windows is crashproof, just that there
are more forces resposible here. I still stick with my statement
that mac needs to worry about a whole lot less than MS with
peripherals, because a main part is created by mac for mac which is
the computer, now I know that the graphics card is done by ati, but
mac needs to support 5 different cards in their computer while
windows needs to support a hundred of them, this goes with all
peripherals. Now you are lucky because you are a graphics artist
that is the type of work mac is targetting the graphics
professional, so I would hope that many of the peripherals that you
use with windows and mac can be used on both. But the fact still
remains when I go to a computer store there is maybe one room with
mac stuff, and about 8 rooms with windows compatible stuff. And
yes it would be nice to have the choice of 5 browsers, but
personally I believe that IE is one of the better ones out there.
When the day comes that MS says "hey we are the only ones out there
lets create a crappy IE" that is the day that I will agree with you
that they are hurting the consumer. But as long as they are making
an efford to come out with good products I do not really think that
they are hurting the consumer, I actually think it would be more of
a pain to have to look and integrate a web browser from someone
else, again this is my opinion of the matter.

BUT; if MS design "philosophy" from the beginning was to make things EASIER to interface; none of that would/SHOULD be a problem.

The FACT that we do have such interfacing/driver problems is due to either of two reasons.

Either MS engineers are INEPT and NOT CAPABLE of desiging an easy interface ....

OR; they spend 90% of their efforts on trying to BLOCK certain competitive softwares from working; (aka DR-DOS with Win3.1, or Netscape in Win98, or Real Player in WinME, incorporating ACTIVATION SCHEMES and removing JAVA in Win/OfficeXP).

MS came VERY CLOSE to making IE have a "feature" where it MODIFIED EVERY WEB PAGE by CREATING automatic HYPERLINKS on ANY WORD they choose to send you to "MS-SELECTED-SITES". Over vehement objections ... they backed off ... but they can still do it at a later date. (and STILL DO with OFFICE but not to the level they planned in IE).

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Thanks for reading .... JoePhoto

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