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Re: Argurements without foundation.

Gene Miller wrote:

I have heard your arguement so many times without any foundation.
UNIX is a solid operating system for the front end of main frames
and now for System 10 for the iMac seems promising, LINUX I guess
is okay for the few hackers that appreciate open coding,

LINUX today is 100% as good as Windows and 1000% more stable. There are "many" applications ... albeit not maybe enough for everyone.

BUT; if MS went OUT OF BUSINESS tomorrow; (yeah; I'm dreaming); we WOULD NOT MISS IT FOR LONG. There is no reason why developers would not INSTANTLY shift their attention to Linux and everything would be OK in the world. (Heck ... Maybe Even A MIDDLE EAST PEACE).

but for

the PC's and running networks, Microsoft has proved to be an
excellent operating system from NT to Win2000 and now XP. Microsoft
has contributed heavy into this industry and unless you have your
head in the sand you would know that.

Then why don't you tell me ONE PRODUCT they have "contributed" that was not either Copied, Bought, or STOLEN from another company.

You mentioned OS/2 which I

consider a joke.

Why a "joke" it is STABLE enough for 99% of all BANKS --- (including the bank that Bill Gates probably uses to count all his $$$'s).

Like any corporation or any product there are none

that are perfect, but in this computer industry, we are lucky to
have the ones we have. Take care.

WHY should we have to consider ourselves "LUCKY" ??? Do you even REALIZE what you are saying ??? Computers are not "new" any more ... Home PC's are more than 20 years old now. If not for MS dissuading many small or even major companies to compete --- our software would/could be magnitudes more stable and capable.

Tom May wrote:

I like hyperbole as much as the next guy. If Microsoft left the
business tomorrow, taking everything that they brought to the
universe, the only problem I would have is replacing IE with
Netscape. Oh, and I would have to switch my engineering system from

Microsoft has spent years trying to convince everyone that they
couldn't live without Windows and Office. They have also tried to
convice everyone that they are the reason that hardware prices are
so low. As if PARC, Apple, IBM, OS/2, UNIX, LINUX, VMS had never

They are a monopoly, and they want to stay that way. I assure you,
that there are a number of innovative companies that would like to
and have the proven capability to fill any vacuum, and take their
shot at market dominance as well. If Microsoft was broken up, that
is exactly what would happen.

Most people would seem to be afraid of change, so expect to see MS
continue its path with nary a hiccough.

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Thanks for reading .... JoePhoto

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