Chess - Indoors shoot with natural lighting (5 imgs)

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Chess - Indoors shoot with natural lighting (5 imgs)

I was home the other day reading in my livingroom and I noticed the sunlight and how it was coming through the window, so I got my camera and tripod and started shooting. All photos was taken in RAW and I used DXO 5 to convert to JPG.
Post processing was kept to a minimum:
Black point: I like to add 7 as a start
Local contrast: 35 to 45%
WB: as shot
Vibrancy: 25 to 35
Sharpen: 210
Then I converted everything to JPG @ 100% qaulity.

This is my attempt at trying to capture the colors and textures. This is a Chess set hand carved from coral. A gift to me from my sister-in-law...

Hope you enjoy:

Thanks for looking
Three Zero D
One Seven ~ Five Five mm f/2.8IS
Two Four ~ Seven Zero mm f/2.8L
Seven Zero ~ Two Zero Zero mm f/2.8EX

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