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Re: You couldn't have said it better.

I was a professional graphic artist and illustrator for many years. I have also been a professional photographer and videographer. I was also a computer operator and operated main frames. I have used many systems. My first computer was a VIC 20, then an Atari, then Amiga which I think was probably the best computer ever made with a great operating system. I used the Amiga with an implant board which allowed me to run System 7, DOS, and Workbench 2.0 all at the same time running different programs in different windows all at once. I could run animation faster then the MAC could. The other great item was the Video Toaster. So I'm not talking from a novice background. BTW, try hooking up a parallel printer to a MAC. Doesn't work does it? The MAC which was great for desktop publishing but does not handle the complexity of what's available for the PC's. I feel that maybe with System 10 that the new iMAC stands a chance to enter into the main stream. Since System 10 is UNIX base, it offers the stability of XP, and a easier road for porting over PC software to the iMAC. Today I am retired and all of this is just a hobby now.

I don't have many problems with my computers which I have built except for my notebook computer. Every problem I ever had with Windows I have always traced to either drivers or other programs changing the registery. No operating system is perfect, but still like NT and Win2000, XP is very solid.

The MAC over the years have had a lot of problems, no different than Windows, but with the MAC, you had very little choice on setting up your OS system. Very boring if you're not into graphics. The PC has dominated over the MAC even with MS helping the MAC to survive. It looks like if things go well with their new operating system the MAC may now give the PC a run for your money. I hope so, honest competition is healthy.

I'm sorry Dave, but I still agree with Airnee. Both of you take care. Honest disagreement is good and I know I won't change anyone's opinion. But at least we all got to state our opinions and share our disagreement in a friendly manner.

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