FA/FA Limited's: Good enough rez for 14mp?

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Does not compute...

*isteve wrote:

Official position is that none of the old FA lenses still in
production were up to the job, even the 50 F1.4, and that the reason
for bringing out a new range of DA lenses was to exploit higher
resolution DA sensors at an afforable cost. The new 35 macro and 30
and 55 DA* primes are going to be razor sharp on this sensor.

That does not mean that FA lenses wont work, just that they will not
make it worth upgrading from 10 to 14.6 mp

So you're suggesting that an FA50/17 or an FA35/2 does not have sufficient resolution to make an upgrade from 10 to 14.6MP worthwhile? Good grief, what hope is there for owners of the new DA* zoom lenses then (or do these out-resolve FA primes?) let alone people with more humble DA 'non-star' zooms (which certainly don't out-resolve FA primes)!!!!

Actually I thought the 'not up to the job' claim by lens manufacturers was more about not having an anti-reflective 'digital' rear coating, to give better contrast and for flash photography. My own experience seems to suggest this is actually partially true as when using flash with the older lenses I sometimes see strange circular reflections and coloured spots in my images. I'm not sure if the 'ghostless SMC' coatings on the Limiteds and some of the final FA lenses do the same thing as a 'digital coating' (if only somebody offered a rear-lens re-coating service!) in which case Pentax are just trying to drum-up business with this statement

Surely the answer to the user's question is that better absolute lens resolution against a 14,2 MP sensor certainly helps in the circumstances in which you want to do heavy cropping. However another major benefit of the 14.2 MP sensor is that you can probably get good effective noise reduction by downsizing the 14.2 image to the same size as a 10MP image (or smaller) compared to the noise which you would get if using a 'native' sensor of the same MP - in which case the resolution of the lens will be the same as it would be for a native sensor of that size! ie. Take a 14.2MP image K20D and downsize it to 10MP in order to get better noise perfromance than you would with the same image from the 10MP sensor in the K10D - the impact of lens resolution will be the same in this particular situation when used on the K20D it would be when used on the K10D!

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