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Re: You couldn't have said it better.

Hi, some good points, and I will not agrue about the Atari since I have not used one of those since the 80's when I was a child, but I have had many problems with my computer, and many of them got solved by updating the drivers from other companies, and some were windows problems. But I would hardly say that windows is the cause of all the crashes, actually most crashes that I have experienced personally are the fault of an older bios version, or a driver, sure my cdrom drive did not work for a while with XP and I am definitively not saying that windows is crashproof, just that there are more forces resposible here. I still stick with my statement that mac needs to worry about a whole lot less than MS with peripherals, because a main part is created by mac for mac which is the computer, now I know that the graphics card is done by ati, but mac needs to support 5 different cards in their computer while windows needs to support a hundred of them, this goes with all peripherals. Now you are lucky because you are a graphics artist that is the type of work mac is targetting the graphics professional, so I would hope that many of the peripherals that you use with windows and mac can be used on both. But the fact still remains when I go to a computer store there is maybe one room with mac stuff, and about 8 rooms with windows compatible stuff. And yes it would be nice to have the choice of 5 browsers, but personally I believe that IE is one of the better ones out there. When the day comes that MS says "hey we are the only ones out there lets create a crappy IE" that is the day that I will agree with you that they are hurting the consumer. But as long as they are making an efford to come out with good products I do not really think that they are hurting the consumer, I actually think it would be more of a pain to have to look and integrate a web browser from someone else, again this is my opinion of the matter.

David Barkin wrote:
Hi Gene and Airnee

Since I own a variety of computers for my business as a graphics
artist I must disagree with two of the kernals of Airnee's post,
i.e. that the problems with Windows stability is the fault of the
drivers. My second disagreement is with the statement that all the
companies are alike.

First, most peripherals that I use, one way or the other work with
all three platforms I use (Windows, Mac and Atari). It's certainly
a challenge to get my Atari to use things but I have no problems
with Mac. While many comnputer users are under the impression that
Microsoft invented plug and play I'm afraid that is just another
thing that Bill Gates took credit for and the fact is, by your own
post, that Windows is not plug and play, more like plug and crash.
Where did you get the idea that Mac's only work with specific Mac
products. The developers merely have to write a driver. There's
certainly a greater choice of software for Windows, and this is a
refection of the market. In and of itself not a criticism of

The second point is quite true as far as it goes. They are all
ruthless. They are not in this business for my health, they are in
it to make money - As I would be. There's nothing inherently wrong
with wanting to make money.

The bottom line here is whether Microsofts actions hurt the
consummer vis a vi other companies. Now you have your computer and
it does what you want so your thinking stops there. Does it crash
alot? Hey so what, you back-up and save right?

So what if what if numerous better products are squelched. You
never even heard of them. The important question for the user is
not OS compatibility but rather file compatibility. Microsoft wages
war on the consummer to the point where they are not making
ruthless business decisions but rather illeagal business decisions.
This is the point where I draw the line.

Believe it or not but there are many, many browsers out there. When
you buy a Mac they include both Netscape and Internet Explorer.
There are at least five alternatives that I know besides these two.
The OEM's would include them all if they could, but you have no
choice in this question. When you buy a machine with WINDOWS it
comes with IE period.


Gene Miller wrote:
I am in full agreement with you. You hit the nail on the head, but
the people who blame Microsoft for everything will never accept
what you said. Take care.

Airnee wrote:

Does MS play dirty? yes they do but so do a lot of
other companies out there so they are just playing the game the
same way the others do. I have always wondered what would happen
if MS was forced to remove the ie from windows? Does that mean that
we the consumer are stuck to go out there and buy a web browser? I
do not really see how MS is harming the consumer, their prices are
high, but so are the prices of all the other software developers.
The crashing issue... windows computers crash a lot mac does not,
linux does not blablabla. Well Mac most likely does not crash
because it only needs to support hardware that was designed for mac
by mac, and maybe a handfull of third party periherals, naturally
that makes a more stable system with less options though. Linux
does not have its own hardware but again only a handfull of
peripherals are supported by lunix so again an easier job. Now we
get to windows which needs to support every single piece of
equipment there is a whole lot more to go wrong there. Then the
question comes is it MS's fault that the computer crashes, or is it
the driver from company X that caused the crash but MS gets the
blame for it? I am not an expert on the issue, but this is how I
see it.

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