Switching Over from Canon To Nikon Please Help

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my exact thoughts

My main work is portraits and the 5D did a wonderful job. The part I didn't like was it's annoying slowness. I came from a D200 to the 5D and felt like going from race car to riding an horse. Ok it wasn't that dramatic, but it was onoticable anywere.

I was waiting for the new 1D cameras, but none of the both they released was what I wanted. The 1D isn't full frame but neither crop so I can't use EF-S lenses. 12 mp is also better than 10.

The 1Ds has too much resolution and 5 fps is not impressive. When you use the highlight priotity feature it even slows down and the buffer size is very limited. But most of all, I don't want to double my storage and processing time. For my work, I don't need 21 mp.

So the D3 was my perfect camera, best noise performance, super fast, great image quality and full frame. I'm tired waiting for Canon to make the camera I want when Nikon had it.

Since I used Nikon before and Canon for the last year I had the chance to try all kinds of lenses from both. I don't think there is any difference significant enought to favor one or the other. Really both have wonderful glass.

For me the D3 combines all I want in the right mix. I'm not saying Canon is doing it wrong, but it justs doesn't fit my needs. In general I think the D3 is the most universal and best camera out today.

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