Free ride? I'll say

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Re: Free ride? I'll say

I like microsoft products, I have had no real complains, I do not like their weird activation fee, and there are some other items that I do not like but in general I do not see them as this evil corporation. They are in business and like it or not business is played dirty, there are not too many companies that are nice and civilized. Does MS play dirty? yes they do but so do a lot of other companies out there so they are just playing the game the same way the others do. I have always wondered what would happen if MS was forced to remove the ie from windows? Does that mean that we the consumer are stuck to go out there and buy a web browser? I do not really see how MS is harming the consumer, their prices are high, but so are the prices of all the other software developers.

The crashing issue... windows computers crash a lot mac does not, linux does not blablabla. Well Mac most likely does not crash because it only needs to support hardware that was designed for mac by mac, and maybe a handfull of third party periherals, naturally that makes a more stable system with less options though. Linux does not have its own hardware but again only a handfull of peripherals are supported by lunix so again an easier job. Now we get to windows which needs to support every single piece of equipment there is a whole lot more to go wrong there. Then the question comes is it MS's fault that the computer crashes, or is it the driver from company X that caused the crash but MS gets the blame for it? I am not an expert on the issue, but this is how I see it.

Malibuss66 wrote:

What's with the "From Nikon:" "From Adobe:" etc?? Why does
Microsoft continue to use other people's work to advertise their

If you don't know about digital photography, don't make a digital
photography site. Pure and simple!

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