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Re: I'm sorry Part ll

Hi Gene

Sorry for the bad formatting of the court case. In essense what I posted is the trial judges conclusions. After the trial the government and Microsoft then came to an agreement/settlement. In this agreement Microsoft agreed to cease and desist (without admiting guilt) from all such practices. The district court refused to accept the agreement and this is what the appeal is all about.

The court rulled in favor of the agreement and stated that it was the belief of the court that Microsoft would not break the agreement. This of course is the basis of the latest litigation. The goverment stating and proving that Microsoft did in fact break the settlement.

If you feel that I have a "chip on my shoulder" I would suggest that I am tired of hearing that the only reason I bash Microsoft is because I am envious of Bill Gates. I also bash Sadaam Husein (no comparison intended) and I've yet to hear anyone tell me that its because of envy.


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