Architectural Pics (D40 & Sigma 10-20)

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Re: Architectural Pics (D40 & Sigma 10-20)

bobm371 wrote:

Beautiful pictures Ian, I have been considering the 10-20, these are
helping me make up my mind. How do you like it? How much distortion
correction did you do if any in these?


Hi Bob....Thanks very much!

To answer your question, I really love the 10-20. When I first got it I couldn't stop smiling every time I looked throught the lens!

It feels very well made (but I've no experience of Nikon pro-quality lenses) and it's certainly heavier than the kit lens with non of the wobbles or loose fit.....just a pleasure to use really.

As for distortion correction, I tend to take each shot separately on its merits. I didn't bother with these ones but I've used correction on other architectural ones with some success....PTLens is really easy and intuitive to use and, for someone like me whose not very good with photoshop, it's an excellent bit of software.

I did a search through the photos that I've taken with this lens for the ones with the most potential for distortion. These two were obvious ones....the first one is of Selby Abbey in Yorkshire, a symmetrical photo where it's important to avoid any bowing between the two sides. The second one of Morecambe Bay has a dominant horizon ..... both are at 10mm which is the part of the lens with the most distortion.

This is what Ken Rockwell has to say about the 10-20 distortion in his review:

["The Sigma is a roller coaster ride at 10 mm. It can't be corrected well in PhotoShop's Lens Distortion Correction filter. It's pretty good in the middle of the image, but the sides curve in more strongly than any other tested lens.

At 12 mm it's pretty good and can be left alone. It's still a bit wavy if you look too closely. It can't be corrected in the Lens Distortion Filter.

The pincushion distortion at the longer settings is easy to correct."]

Despite what Mr Rockwell says you can see that PTLens has done a good job of straightening things a side note, the Selby Abbey one hardly needed any correction but the Morecambe Bay horizon line one had a slight 'w' shape to it before PTLens autocorrected it.

I hope that helps a little.



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