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I'm sorry

I'm sorry, but your link does not indicate anything except what the charges were. If you want to accept charges as being guilty then I think I would rather be a liberal for I believe you are innocent until proven guilty. But since we live in this great country, we have choices and free opinions, and obvious mine is different then yours. Ingnorance is not blissed, it just draws conclusions based on charges rather than facts. I'm sorry your computer crashes 10 times a day, but that just tells me you should learn more about your software instead of blaming everyone else for your computer problems. I do not understand why you have a chip on your shoulder but you would be happier without one, but that's your choice. If you think that I or anyone else agrees with everything Microsoft does, then you are mistaken. But I am more concern with corporations like Enron and Arthur Anderson than I am with Microsoft. Take care and loosen up a little, maybe then your computer wouldn't crash so much.

David Barkin wrote:
Hello Mr. Miller

I have previously posted this link:

It's all filthy commie propaganda. It's also the actual rulling by
the Judge in the earlier Microsft case. I certainly get the
impression that none of you guys are INTERESTED in the facts. It is
of course easy to throw links around. Still an official court
document is a little difficult to dismiss. This document is just
the tip of the iceberg, but I know you're really not interested.
You turn your machine on - It works - Glory to God and Bill Gates
who allow you to use your computer. Why without them we would still
be using Sinclair or Colleco machines!

Heck, just because Bill's testimony in court was reported verbatim
in a number of newspapers doesn't mean we have to actually believe
that he really said that. The internal memo's of Microsoft - You
betcha, their all lies spread by Gates Bashers who truth to be told
spend at least twelve hours a day sticking pins into dolls of Bill,
they are so green with envy.

Heck I saw his biography on TV! Even the biased liberal media
couldn't hide the fact that he invented everything. Why if you read
between the lines you could dimly percieve what a great guy he his.
We MS bashers should be ashamed, ashamed!!!

You are so right! I'm sticken with my 16K of RAM and tape drive. At
least it doesn't crash ten times a day!


Gene Miller wrote:

I agree with you. I don't know why there are Microsoft bashers out
there, but that is their problem. I'm a happy camper with today's
computer products from Microsoft and others. I have been into PC's
since the beginning and I think we have it pretty good now and it
gets better every year. Again, I don't understand all the
complaining. I fully agree with you. Take care.

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