Kiss N (350D) just died- Canons not reliable.

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Re: Kiss N (350D) just died- Canons not reliable.

lancasterjohn wrote:

The point of a forum is to express opinions, both positive and
negative. I am not being inflammatory or even exaggerating. I leave
that to advertising departments. I am passing on an opinion that may
well encourage people to be careful before handing over their hard
earned cash.

I have to agree with ShawnCo that you starting point, "Canon is not reliable because my camera just went dead" is light-headed. And to put this "opinion" as part of the headline is really imprudent.

We need balanced opinions not rave opinions from everyone. The
Kiss/Rebel line did make DSLRs more affordable, which was a benefit,
but, let's face it, they are not built like the SLRs of ten, twenty
or thirty years ago such as Nikkormats.

I read through some of the replies. Most like mine just stated we have a long experience of reliable Canon products. Isn't that just the balancing opinions you look after. No raving as far as I can see.

I expect things I buy to work. I do not expect to getting on for 50%
of a new model, just over 25,000, yen ($235) to get it repaired
because the mainboard has died.

John Lancaster

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