Love the K20D but how about a compact

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Re: So...the answer is simple

Ken Bobko wrote:

Use your old basic Pentax MX and use a film scanner
to turn it's output into digital.

Why should he?

There is no technical things making it impossible to make a digital MX, ME or LX, and obviously there are a lot of people wanting to buy such a camera. I see all of these folks crying for such a camera on forums all over the world. Some of us, including me, are even prepared to pay ten times the price of a low end consumer DSLR - ten times more..

I se a market stupidity that ought to get some suits fired. I also think that other less known makers are both able, willing and fully prepared to manufacture cameras people want to buy. But i suspect there are some stupid patents stopping them, which is the complete opposite from the original purpose of granting patents in the first place.

Pentax ME-D Limited (1.5 crop)
Pentax LX-D Limited (full frame)

Droooling... I guess a LX-D Limited would find its buyers profitable for about 4000 eur, or around 6000 USD. While the ME-D Limited could go for a little more than half of that. The ME-D i would buy on the spot, and the LX-D would be very very tempting (Yea, i could hear my wife... but in this case, i could live with that too, it'll pass..).

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