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Re: One PO'd MS User...

Networking works finally. I had to do some obscure thing like lowering the data buffer on the host network card to keep my computer from continiously running the hard drive. Not even an network administrator could solve that. I have become more of a MS software expert than a computer user. The search engines at Microsoft support do not work as stated and using the wrong word (non computer geek words) gets you nowhere. It actually tells you there is nothing in the database! So much for user friendly. As for updates, if it is not broke, don't do it !!!! It screws up the things that were just fine. I have lost my entire desktop and settings twice (WinXP) and all the roll backs were gone as well. Better keep a very good notebook to tell you what software you just lost in the prpcess. I would love to go MAC but with three machines (all WinXP Pro) it is a lot of money. I just hope that me virus free "Netscape Messenger" keeps working on these machines. MS Outlook express is targeted by virus designers for a very good reason. 50 or 60 security updates have not made it any safer.

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