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Re: Just a thought...

This is just what I want to do! Very nice site... I'm going to sit down and read thru your journal now:) Tanx!

Mvh. Mr_Lang

BPW wrote:
As an idea generator, here's a link to a travel journal I wrote
during a three-week tour through Europe. The photos are stored at
Fototime.com, which automatically generates thumbnail and web-sized
versions of your images. This saved me a huge amount of time when
constructing the site.


  • Bob

Mr_Lang wrote:

Ohh goodie:) I found a guy that'll sponsor me with a
"mysite.something.net" web address:) Things are starting to fall to
place... I've also found a guy that live in sweden that can give me
a hot meal and a shower when I pass throu:) This guy I've meet one
or to times before... Nice guy- good to know:) I like the way this
is heading...

Mvh. Mr_Lang

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