War of Clicks !! isn't it misleading

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Re: What are you suggesting? A conspiracy?

Oak and Acorn wrote:

Sari wrote:

I have noticed the big jump at the home page in the rating of both
400d and 40d which is clearly a result of clicks war between two
parties. Everyone can easily notice the the pipe of both cameras and
judge what is going on.

Do you think this is misleading for the novice photographers?
Isn't this war giving some cameras a higher rating over others e.g.
400d vs 450d?

If you're suggesting that there is some sort of 'conspiracy' by Canon
fans to add more clicks to Canon cameras just to keep them in the
top, I'm sorry, but that's just ridiculous and a waste of speculation.

It may very well be that there are a few people out there who click
on their favorite brands to try to keep them in the top 10 click
list, but look at Canon's overall brand clicks and you'll see that
over the last 5 days, over 92000 people have visited this site and
clicked on Canon camera pages. I doubt very seriously that THAT many
people have conspired together to make Canon cameras 'appear' more
popular. Supply and demand (in addition to quality, name brand
loyalty, and overall value for the money) make Canons so popular, not
some conspiracy of fanboyism.

Go out and take some pictures, it's far more productive.

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do not agree with you that a few people will click their fav. brands to make them at the top, and I am not suggesting what you thought as being (conspiracy) which only exists in your brain.

The pipe might look small for those short-sighted, but it represents a huge number of clicks.

Everyone knows that canon cameras have been for so long at the top of that list, but my concern is that those click are not realistic indicators.

BTW, the purpose of this thread is not to attack or exalt canon or nikon, this has already been left for kids to discuss. I guess we are mature enough to ignore such discussions.

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