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Nikon 50-135 f/3.5 AIS


Check out the 50-135mm f/3.5 AIS. It doesn't have autofocus, it isn't f/2.8 and it doesn't have VR. But it is [relatively] cheap and is an excellent lens that may nonetheless fulfill your needs.

monte12345 wrote:

Think about it, it would probably end
up about the size and weight of the 180 EDIF, which would make it
much easier for an all day carry.

I have both lenses (though they aren't in front of me). The 50-135 is actually smaller and lighter than the 180mm.

Also, on the FX format it would be
usable for anything from landscapes to portraits.

To be honest, I like the 50-135 better as a full frame lens. I've never really understood the fascination with the 70-200mm range. 200mm seems slightly too short to be really useful as a tele, and 70mm seems too long for a walk around lens. I suppose everyone has their own preferences, but I love having a lens that starts in the normal range and then goes to short tele. Of course, on a DX camera the 50-135 gets you back to around the 70-200 range.

When I think about how many times I used to go out
with a 50, 85, 105, and 135, a lens that hit all these lengths would
have saved me many sore shoulders back in the 70's.

Well, it wouldn't have saved you any trouble in the 70s, but the 50-135 did become available in the early 80s... At any rate, the 50-135 does exactly what you indicated: for most purposes it is an excellent substitute for carrying around a 50, an 85, a 105 and a 135. Check out what Bjorn Rorslett has to say about this lens: http://www.naturfotograf.com/lens_zoom_02.html#MF50-135

Of course, what would be really cool is if Nikon updated this lens with AF-S and VR. But then it would be bigger, heavier and cost a fortune!


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