cactus Triggers V2s / ebay triggers 430EX misfire? help understanding

Started Jan 28, 2008 | Discussions thread
denny2020 Contributing Member • Posts: 805
Re: Thanks, and by the way... more questions

I'm no expert by all means. But I do have a 430 ex and the Cactus triggers. First of all the 430 EX in manual mode doesn't have as much flexibility as E-TTL. Even on the lowest setting on Manual it can not get as low of an output as in E-ttl. So you have a few options. Lower ISO which should be ok since you can use the second flash to fill the background of the scene. Higher F-stops which is not always desirable. Use a diffuser to weaken the flash. Move the flash farther from the subject. Shot with the flash and the widest zoom thus weakening the flash hitting the subject. There is another way to make the trigger more reliable.

Look at the very end of this article. Which goes over how to modify you trigger to be more reliable. It seems to work so far for me but haven't tested it out in depth.

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