4D hint in Chasseur d'Images january copy?

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Re: Chinese prefer not to say 4

4 is phonetically similar to the word dead, but 4 is not necessarily bad luck since there are such things as the 4 "sky kings" of Hong Kong entertainment, and the 4 sky kings are actually folklore, as they are gods in heaven. Of course, a Mahjong table always sits 4 players. It has been that way for thousands of years. Since Mahjong is a popular game, it is unlikely that gamblers (who are superstitious) would play in a game that symbolizes bad luck.

Besides, only those who are superstitious would avoid things that may be bad luck. 13 is bad luck in the West, but there are no shortage of football players, like Dan Marino, who wear the number 13 on their jerseys. Some people (and some companies) try to show that they are not superstitious by deliberately choosing unlucky numbers.

Back to the magazine story. I think that 4D logo may be made up by the magazine editors. The new camera is unlikely to be called a 4D, not because it is bad luck, but probably because Canon may prefer to use a different number.

iano wrote:

Actually it is the Chinese who prefer not to say 4 (pun intended).
Given the potential size of the Chinese market, it can be a good
reason for avoiding that number, particularly as a last digit.
That being said, that is not the only reason not to get carried away
by this story

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