G9 etc - tricks for fastest shutter response?

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Avoiding flash lag

Ednaz wrote:

I've noticed that the lag with flash is huge, and doesn't seem to be
related to flash cycling. I figured it's the fill-flash calculation.
The "focus assist" seems to slow things down a lot, too - it's useful
for shooting when you can't get your face behind the screen because
you can just watch for green light on your subject, but oh dear, the
time it takes.

The flash lag is mainly due to the metering. A good way to avoid lag and still use ETTL metering, is to use flash exposure lock (FEL). That is also a great way to avoid sleepy-eye with the subjects due to the pre-flash.

Another way is shooting manual, but with the onboard flash it's pretty much useless. And I've noticed a bit of lag with external ETTL flashes even in manual, it's still much shorter than the usual flash lag, but just a bit longer than with FEL.

Or, you can get an external flash that does its own metering (as with thyristor mode). ETTL is not available, though. I use the Sunpak PF20XD, and while a pretty ugly flash, especially compared with the sleek Metz 28 AF-3, it does a great job with this. I think it's the fastest way to take a flash picture with auto flash. I use the Metz for ETTL shooting.

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