SM Flashwaves - Cheap alternative to Pocke Wizard

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SM Flashwaves - Cheap alternative to Pocke Wizard

Got it for $150 earlier this month. I couldn't find a whole lot of info about it, but took the plunge and am quite happy with it. It costs a whole lot less than pocket wizard and is smaller. Better quality than the e-bay triggers, a.k.a. Cactus. I’ve been testing it for about 2 weeks now. It's a keeper.

Seems to be over $200 in Canada and US, but found a merchant in Korea selling for $150. Check out g9chon. com They sent it to me vi express mail and took less than a week to deliver.

Here are some pros & cons about flashwaves. Let me know if you guys have other experience with this.


1. Built-in hot shoe -- you got to love this feature. Also has 1/4" thread for mounting on a tripod or a lightstand directly.

2. Small size -- small as MicroSync. Also, keeps the flash close to the center of the umbrella.

Also, keeps the flash close to the center of the umbrella.

3. Light weight. Very light. But not flimsy.

4. Build quality -- made of plastic, but pretty good. Much better quality than the Cactus brand plastic.

5. Sync Speed -- 1/180s according to the manufacturer. But I was able to sync at 1/250s at 3 fps using Canon 40D

6. Price -- $150 is not bad for this thing. Sure, it’s more expensive than the Chinese made Cactus slaves, but considering the performance/feature and alternatives, I’m happy with it.
7. Triggers multiple flashes with just one receiver!

8. 10 Channels -- I love the dial for setting the channels. Much more direct than 0110 or 0101, etc.
9. Includes cables and adapters. No need to go buy more adapters and cables.

10. Mounting option -- came with a sticky which you can use to stick the receiver on a studio flash or other places.

11. Range -- SM claims 50 to 60 meters. I haven’t tested the max range yet. But within the house, it’s no problem. Also, I was able to trigger it from two floors above in a parking garage.


1. 23A battery for the transmitter. I guess it keeps the size small, but I prefer AAA to keep just one type of battery. Also A23 is not as easy to find as AAA.

2. Range. I would've loved it if it could do 100 meters. But still better than my MicroSync and more than I need for my use.

3. Synch Speed. It'd be great if it can sync at 1/500s also. But for the price, it's great. And again, more than I need. (But, first, I need a camera that can sync at 1/500s.)

You can see all my test photos at

Hope this helps.

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