RM-1 Remote?

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Re: Probably because E-500 has no RM-CB1 option.

Mike_PEAT wrote:

But are YOU sure about E-500 doing BULB via IR...I seem to remember
earlier E-500's (and E-330's) couldn't do it (unless they added the
ability in a later firmware).

100% sure about the E-500. Other than having used myself, it says so even in the manual. I have no idea about the E-330, but probably even that can do it.

AFAIK, only the E-330 and the E-500 lacks the wire remote. All the models after the E-500 has it, even if the special USB/video plug is used even for the remote, adding another use of the plug, which luckily did not follow to the E-3. On the other hand, the E-3 has a special external power plug, which is invented by another (or the same) stupid designer who decided to leave out the wired remote from two models and who introduced the USB/video combo.

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