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Re: The World vs. Microsoft

lawprofkk wrote:

Nice post, SJ.

I hereby pass on the cudgels of defending MS to the geat hordes
here for two reasons;

A. Your expertise in the field, both operationally and as to
history far exceeds my own, and

B. You've not yet come to the realization that the forces allied
against you are not so much MS-centric as Gates-centric, with an
overriding dislike/distrust/envy of Mr. Gates which clouds every
attempt at reasonable discourse on any of these issues. Therefore,
since you have not yet come to this realization, you are far more
willing to bang your head against the wall than I.

I seem to do a lot of that - banging my head against a wall that is... Hehehehe ;^)

An aside - note the signature tag line for Joe Photo. While he
seems to be a VERY nice guy and certainly informed (to a point and
from a particular point of view) on the issues, I believe he
started to think about this issue around the creation of OS/2,
stopped upon its demise and the rise of Windows, and hasn't started
again (at least in any unbiased, uncolored fashion) since. This is
not intended to be a flame to Joe, whom I find otherwise personable
and thoughtful on many issues, especially from the standpoint of
one who's been involved in the lab side of photography for a long
time, where his insights as to the digital "revolution (for lack of
a better term) have the added weight of history and informed
knowledge - but on this issue, there's no reasoning with him and
logic does not avail. Thus I have removed myself from the
substantive conversation, so as to avoid any further cluttering of
the thread.

Good luck, SJ - you'll surely need it.



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