4D hint in Chasseur d'Images january copy?

Started Jan 26, 2008 | Discussions thread
Ludovic Monchat Veteran Member • Posts: 3,217
Please stop the hysteria

This guy is clueless, knows nothing and repeats ad libitum what a salesman tells him. Being French myself I will translate and concentrate this bulls$it.

"my salesman told me that there will be a new FF cam end of january" then "my salesman told it will be end of february" then "my salesman told me it will probably be a new 400" and finally "well, it's a 450, I'm not interested"

Thanks Ludo, we don't have to read 5 full pages of BS where, most of the time, the fanboyz and galz copy and paste some DPR chats, and trust me, the most stupid and irrelevant ones.

STOP copy and pasting bulls$it and go shooting using your gear...pppplease

Ludo from Paris
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