4D hint in Chasseur d'Images january copy?

Started Jan 26, 2008 | Discussions thread
sugar Senior Member • Posts: 2,136
Chasseur d'Images is a joke

As credible as a 3 year old. The predicitions is this magazine are almost allways wrong

And a 4D? Well, when hell freezes over. But a Japanese company will never market a "4" model...

photoforfun wrote:

Latest Chasseur d'Images has a very nice article about the evolution
of digital cameras since Kodak 100 in 1991.
In the Canon history you can see the 2008 year with a little icon
showing clearly 4D label on it.
Is this a hint for the 5D successor? Chasseur d'Images has always
excellent inside information...
Thought this might interest some of you...
Kindest regards,
I prefer one really good picture in a day over 10 bad ones in a


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I can crop at the long end myself if I want to


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