New Aperture on Tuesday?

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New Aperture on Tuesday?

Just saw this post over at the Inside Aperture blog. Rumor, yes, but something to chomp on...

January 22, 2008 10:50 PM
Eddy said:

Now that I got your attention, please be aware that this information comes from a designer friend in San Francisco that works with a high-end photographer. In other words, it is JUST A RUMOR! But unless my friend is putting me on, it seems like a very viable rumor.

Apparently, the new Aperture is a major re-working of the program starting with the foundation. (This would explain the long wait between upgrades.) We should expect to see MAJOR speed improvements. Other features to expect: 1) color controls not unlike Final Cut Pro, 2) all new web album features, 3) HDR support (he was not sure what this entailed), 4) quite a few additional manipulation tools including lens effects, clarity and vibrance adjustments similar to Lightroom and a "Filter Engine"... which he could not explain.

Personally, I hate rumors. And I apologize in advance if this does not materialize. But it just seems to make sense to me. The new 10.5.2 update will support the new Nikon cameras, PMA is next week, a road show with pro photographers is planned following PMA and Apple normally rolls out new products on Tuesday (for some reason).

Are the stars aligning for us??!!!!!!

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