Enough talk of adding Movie mode to DSLRs please!

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Alessandro Di Sciascio Senior Member • Posts: 1,073
Enough talk of adding Movie mode to DSLRs please!

In another thread...

KaineConno wrote:

how about the fact a movie mode would SUCK - its NOT what SLRs are

I agree 100%

It makes no sense and I've had enough of hearing this. No seriously, enough!

Why in the world would anyone who isn't a complete idiot want to pay $5 more for a DSLR (in order to cover the extravagant addition of a microphone plus profit) in order to have the ability to take short movies with their SLR? Why pay the $5 more when all you have to do now in order to be able to take great photos and ok videos of the kids is simply buy an additonal $200 point and shoot?

Why would anyone with a brain want to be able to shoot brief movies whith their DSLR when they can much more easily carry two things, their DSLR and the point and shoot? Don't they realize that if that feature were integrated in a DSLR then they could never get video footage of their DSLR unless they were standing in front of a mirror?

Plus it's not just that. The movies would definitelly suck compared to what we get from point and shoot.

Think about it... the sensor in the DSLR is incredibly better, you could take advantage of IS lenses, the movies would be more steady just as a result of the heavier equipment. That is a clear recipe for failure. Immagine what crappy video would come out.

And to top it off, think of all the incredible amount of money Canon would have to expend in order to accomplish this.

For one, they would have to invent a technology that allows a digital camera to actually record video. Hu? What? They have that already? Ok, fine... but there's more...

They would also have to have a way for the DSLR sensor to be exposed for an extended period of time and capture information... I don't know what to call this... let me make something up here... basically you would have to have a concurrent... live if you will... view of what's happening behind the lens. Yeah! There's a catchy name! A "LIVE" view! Do you have ANY IDEA how expensive that would be? MILLIONS!

They have that too? No way! I have a 20D no live view! That's NOT what DSLRS are about!

Ok, fine fine... big deal, so Canon has the ability to record video and something like my prototypical "LIVE" view (I need to go copyright this phrase!) ... that would be totally useless!

Why, you ask? Because in a video things move around and the camera would have to be able to autofocus continuously while the mirror is up. And everyone knows that THAT is impossible to do, because the autofocus sensors would not be able to see the image while it's in LiveView mode. You would have to invent a whole new Japanese-like technology that would allow your camera to detect changes in contrast and adjust focus accordingly. It quite frankly cannot be done.

So there. Unless someone in the future invents a contrast detecting technology all the idiots who think that Movie mode in a DSLR could even be feasible need to shut their traps!

And by the way... I've really had enough with these TOTAL WUSS DSLRS I see sold in stores.

AUTOFOCUS? WTF?!?!? Who's buying these things, sissies? That's not what SLRS are about!

And what the heck is up with those LCD displays and histograms? What kind of momma's boy needs to see what their photo looks like... or how well it was exposed before the print?

I've had enough.

That's it.


Proud owner of a Canon 20D, an SLR with balls... no LIVE VIEW and more accurate autofocus for this bad boy!

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