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Re: How can K20D be an alternative to a full-frame camera?

hwalker wrote:

Thanks for the reply Steve. Glad to see someone who doesn't get angry
I take it that you're going to play the waiting game then? I
hope the K20D doesn't go way of the Olympus E1 which plummeted all
they way down to less then 1/3 of the original price...oh wait maybe
I should, but for Pentax it probably won't be a good thing.

I have an access to a few old M lenses (28mm F2.8, 50mm F1.7, 200mm
F4) so I'm watching Pentax with high interests, but the worry of AF
speed in low light keeps worrying me.

Dont - the "low light" issue is that it takes .4" longer than a D80 to focus below 2EV (60W lightbulb). Down to 3EV its actually faster. I use it at night and in studios all the time (with modelling lights) and I have had few issues.

Some people have had issues with the continuous AF which is probably more of a weakness.
Pixel peepers miss the big picture.

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