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I downloaded my version from the web site Nikon Mall. There's also information and a link for the download at the Nikon site. Just look for software downloads section.

While Camera Control Pro enables you to shoot tethered to your computer, it's an overly simplified program, in my opinion. About all you can do once the image is on your computer screen is zoom in and out and see the focus point. It lacks any kind of image adjusting tools, even a crop tool. For those changes, you have to use another application. No big deal if you don't need to make changes to your photos, but I have a number of clients who need specific crops, etc. and I wish Camera Control Pro worked in tandem with Capture NX or at least had some basic image adjusting tools. But other than than complaint, it works well.

Good luck. It's really nice seeing your image immediately on a large screen.


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