How good is the 35/1.4?

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How good is the 35/1.4?

I'm shooting with a 1D Mark II, with a 10D as a second body which comes out of occasion. I also shoot an Eos 3 for B&W.

I'm taking more and more photos in with my Canon 35/2 lens, and i'm wondering about splurging on a new lens. The question is about the quality of the 35/1.4 - is it worth the money?

For 35 duties I currently have:

Canon 35/2 prime
Canon 17-40 F4 L
Tamron 28-75 2.8

All three produce nice enough results, but since i'm shooting in low light fairly often I do find myself at ISO 800 with the 35/2 wide open.

Now the copy of the 35/2 i've got is very old, and possibly a bit ropey - the manual focus switch sticks, and occasionally drops out. The red dot marking the top of the lens has gone, and I don't have a hood for it. So basically i'm not getting the best out of this lens, but the results are rather nice though.

So what can I expect from a 35/1.4 comapred to the 35/2?

Another aspect is should I try the Sigma 30/1.4? My concern is the smaller image circle of the Sigma as it vignettes on a 1.3 crop body wide open. I do take quite a few odd shots though and the vignetting wide open could be considered an effect, and I can always crop if it bothers me (I don't mind loosing the pixels).

Anyone with the 35/1.4 like to comment on how they find it? I'll be trying it on my body for feel but i'm not really going to be able to gauge it's quality from 15 minutes in a shop...


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