Use "pixel and "sub-pixel" for LCD display

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Use "pixel and "sub-pixel" for LCD display

There are endless debates over the definitions on what the true meaning is for

  • dot

  • pixel

  • etc.

number/count on a LCD display, mainly because of the "market pressure".

Much better terms to use are:

  • sub-pixel: an individual, not co-site-located, and discrete display unit which may be R, G, or B displayed color

  • pixel: a single display unit which is formed by three (RGB) colored sub-pixels

For example,
recent SONY high-resolution LCD viewfinder display has
640*480 pixels, which has 921600 ( = 640*480*3) sub-pixels

most DSLR (including recent K20D) standard-resolution LCD viewfinder display has
320*240 pixels, which has 230400 ( = 320*240*3) sub-pixels


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