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VC versus the Consumer

DCsince89 wrote:

Tom May wrote:

I like hyperbole as much as the next guy. If Microsoft left the
business tomorrow, taking everything that they brought to the
universe, the only problem I would have is replacing IE with
Netscape. Oh, and I would have to switch my engineering system from

Microsoft has spent years trying to convince everyone that they
couldn't live without Windows and Office. They have also tried to
convice everyone that they are the reason that hardware prices are
so low. As if PARC, Apple, IBM, OS/2, UNIX, LINUX, VMS had never

They are a monopoly, and they want to stay that way. I assure you,
that there are a number of innovative companies that would like to
and have the proven capability to fill any vacuum, and take their
shot at market dominance as well. If Microsoft was broken up, that
is exactly what would happen.

Most people would seem to be afraid of change, so expect to see MS
continue its path with nary a hiccough.

Amen Tom!

Thank you for your credible post and sticking to the facts.

The interesting thing about your comments of innovative companies
is that most CANNOT get funding from the VC's (Venture
Capitalists). If they have a product or technology that competes
with MS or an area that MS has expressed interest, VC's won't touch
them because they know that they'll never see a return on their
investment; MS will end-up crushing the company or buying them for
pennies on the dollar.


Venture capitalists have nothing to do with whether or not a product is successful. If a competitor has a promising product, and consumers like the product, then consumers will buy the product. There are plenty of VC firms who will invest in companies and/or products regardless of whether they will have to compete with Microsoft or not. The very nature of venture capital is risk, so IMHO, your argument doesn't hold much water.


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